Scott Adams



“Families and family businesses deserve good advice. My parents had a family business, which did okay, but if they had of been clients of Snelleman Tom they would have gotten a better result for their efforts”. – Scott Adams – Partner

Scott’s passion for finance started with his first investments in the stock market at aged 19 – he quickly saw the potential and studied commerce and finance to learn more.

Scott’s first job was as a financial educator, speaking at seminars all around Australia and providing a phone based financial planning service, advising thousands of clients.

Scott knew, however, that financial planning was like fine wine – it takes time to get the best results. Joining Snelleman Tom gave him the chance to build the long-term client relationships that drive the best outcomes. He has been advising many of his clients for more than a decade. When learning their personal history, Scott understands the factors that influence their decision-making, and can judge the best approaches and tools to use in advising them.

Above all, Scott really likes his clients and wants to make sure that they know that someone has their back. He loves being able to simplify the complex, be approachable and provide valued advice that changes lives.

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