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We believe every business needs an accountant who not only manages their tax obligations...

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Financial Services

In developing your strategic financial plan, your financial planning advisors will gain a thorough understanding...

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Retirement Planning

The compulsory superannuation contributions made on your behalf by your business or employer...

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Risk Management

As many of life’s turns are unexpected, the value of peace-of-mind should not be underestimated...

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Business Structuring

The structure of the business entity or entities that you use to purchase management rights will depend on your circumstances...

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Management Assistance

It’s more difficult than ever to succeed in today’s business environment but we understand the challenges...

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Business Sale & Acquisition

With the ageing of the baby Boomer population, we are seeing more and more businesses...

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Non Executive Board Advisor

Great businesses are always supported by strong and robust management and governance processes...

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Interested in finding out how we can help you achieve your financial goals?

At Snelleman Tom, we’re all about making sure that our clients are in control of their financial affairs. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

Your Business Phases

  • Phase 1 - Survive

    Still very much in the start-up and survival stage, a business in Phase 1 provides a salary to the business owner, who typically focuses on systems, cash-flow, growth and access to capital. External advice and assistance is primarily from banks and accountants.

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  • Phase 2 - Corporatise

    More than providing a salary, the business is beginning to yield a return on investment. At this stage, the business owner should be looking to pave the way to corporatisation.

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  • Phase 3 - Thrive

    The business is commercial, profitable and sustainable, and will typically occupy multiple locations. Many listed companies (or businesses close to floating) will be at this stage.

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  • Phase 4 - Realise

    The business is mature and the business owners are seeking to exit, and preparing the business for sale. We lay the foundations for a successful, profitable exit, and the rewards are often intergenerational.

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  • Snelleman Tom are a professional accounting and financial services operation based in Taringa, Brisbane. For the past 5 years I have found their services, strategies and advice to be of a high standard. Tax compliance is very thorough and I am confident year in year out that their services are minimising my tax liability.
    Joshua Beagley
  • No matter how successful we are in life, no matter how confident we become in our own abilities, no matter how much we learn or earn, we should always welcome great advice from an experienced professional. [MORE]
    Carol Williams
  • Our Cairns group of companies grew very quickly and although we had a good relationship with our local Cairns accountant our group needed another level of sophistication. [MORE]
    Jarrad Hand
  • I have used ST for ten years for three different companies as well as my personal tax affairs. I remain a very happy client. During that time two businesses have been sold, an SMSF created and a number of other complex transactions have occurred. [MORE]
    Brenton Gray
  • I have been referring clients to Snelleman Tom for 2 years now because they just get it. I've seen the passion for their work first hand and I love that they really care about every client.

    It's difficult to combine the big firm knowledge and depth of advice with the small firm service and attention to detail but Snelleman Tom have done it.
    Darren Clark
  • As relatively new investors, it's been great to meet John and his team of financial advisers. We find it really useful to dedicate some quality time to a financial discussion that we wouldn't normally have the rest of the year. We are not extremely wealthy nor have complicated arrangements, but we feel positive that we are on the right track with our personal investment strategy and that we are being pro-active about our financial position to ensure a great future for us and our children. I would highly recommend Snellerman Tom for personal financial advice.
    Bec Landon
  • Martin Kerrigan from Snelleman Tom has provided me with strategies to become a 'Thought Leader' within my business and industry. This improved focus has benefited our business in many different ways; from placing urgency on issues such as combining overseas and locally sourced production; to conversations and action with clients and prospects on rising costs, and to my daily leadership of sales and marketing operations. [MORE]
    Scott McDonald