John Drakakis

Partner, Financial Planning


“Creation of wealth has a tangible outcome; helping clients with strategies to build financial independence helps them protect their future, their families, and their business.” John Drakakis – Partner, Financial Planning

John gives his clients the luxury of choice, allowing them to make decisions based on the journey they want to take for their family and business, using his combined expertise in financial planning and accounting.

John delivers double the value to his clients. He is equally passionate about and skilled in two disciplines: having studied for a Bachelor of Business majoring in both, he joined Snelleman Tom as an accountant but also took the opportunity to get a taste of financial advisory work.

A stint working in London as an in-house financial controller expanded professional horizons even further, not to mention his personal ones with three and a half years on Europe’s doorstep. Upon returning to Brisbane, Snelleman Tom welcomed him back with open arms, with a focus on financial planning. In a practice whose strength is integration between accounting and financial planning, John was the perfect fit as the financial services partner.

Clients value John’s calm, clear-headed, and unflustered approach. He works with them to build a plan and, more importantly, helps put the plan into action – ‘Put it into action or it is a wasted plan’.

The biggest reward of the job for John is the difference that Snelleman Tom’s advice makes to clients’ lives. He sees his role as helping others to protect their families, gain financial independence, and exercise that all-important choice.

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