Work with a team who truly understands you and your financial journey

We believe every business needs an accountant who not only manages their tax obligations (and helps make sense of it all) but who also helps their business reach its full potential. We ease the burden of complex and cumbersome accounting, taxation and compliance requirements to help simplify your life, while also ensuring you’re well-placed to explore your opportunities for life-long wealth creation.

Business Forecasting, Goal Setting, Budgeting & Cash Flow Planning

Where do you want your business to be in five years? Business forecasting can help you get there with successful long-term strategies and project plans.

We provide you with a month-to-month plan to map the course to business success, helping you to identify, understand and overcome any hurdles you may encounter along the way. Make confident, data-driven decisions in your business with business forecasting, goal setting, budgeting and cash flow planning.  

Tax Structuring

Legally reducing the amount of tax you pay is a vital step on the path of life-long wealth creation. We help you plan for the future and build your wealth by putting the right structures in place for your investments, helping you reduce your tax burden and minimise your total family tax liability. 

Tax structures can also help you protect and preserve your wealth. You’ve worked hard to grow your nest egg – the last thing you want is to have this exposed. We provide guidance on the best tax structures for preserving your wealth and protecting your assets. 

Tax Planning

We help you map the course to achieve your big-picture goal, no matter what that goal is. Establishing a strategic tax plan is essential for accomplishing any of your financial goals, with the added benefit of minimising your tax. 

Our accountants provide detailed recommendations on a range of tax planning areas, such as tax-effective treatment of expenses and opportunities within superannuation, investments and trusts. 

Because your accountant and financial planner work together, you can be sure that your tax planning strategies and your long-term wealth strategies are aligned.

Financial Reporting

Staying on top of your financial reporting obligations or changes in law can be daunting. But with Snelleman Tom by your side, you’ll never wake up in the middle of the night because you forgot to lodge your tax return!

We’ve got you covered, ensuring you never miss a deadline, including lodging your annual tax return with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Superannuation and SMSFs

Your superannuation represents an immense wealth-creation opportunity well beyond tax savings. How you invest your superannuation and how you take advantage of the opportunities available to you will have an enormous impact on whether you’ll achieve the comfortable retirement you’ve dreamed of.


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